Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hotlink youth club new rates!

Update 24 may 2011. I've got a msg from hotlink:

"RM0. Hotlink Youth Club: First 5 SMS daily (Maxis-Maxis) will be at 2sen/SMS with effect from 08/06/11. Subsequent SMS will be at only 1sen/SMS (Maxis-Maxis)"

Hey guyz, hotlink are going to change the new rates which are more expensive! (hotlink youth club users). I totally Hate it.

It seems to promotes their hot ticket that gives more minutes & smses! Again: marketing strategy!!!!!

I got this msg: "RM0. Enjoy 1sen/SMS and 10sen/min to ALL NETWORK with Talk & Text Hot Ticket. Get one from your nearest Hotlink outlet now!"


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UPDATE 12 MAY 2012:
calling rates:
12sen/min : maxis-maxis
18sen/min :  maxis-others

Friday, May 6, 2011

Edited Picture of the Dead Osama bin Laden

How to edit pictures ? Then make it the dead Osama bin Laden? I got the picture from forwarded email I've received yesterday.

Here is some guidelines:

1. Take the dead body picture.
2. Google for Osama's picture.
3. Combine it together.


4. Done! It is time to announce that Osama is dead and spread the evidence.