Monday, December 20, 2010

iPhone Apps : Cut the Rope

What is Cut the Rope? It is an interactive games on your smartphone! Each level in the game consists some obstacles like the spiders, the bubble , spikes, air cushion with one piece of candy. You can also cut the ropes by using multitouch. Your goal is to collect all stars with the piece of candy, and then get the candy into the mouth of the friendly monster that waited for the candy.

Recently, Chillingo and developer Zeptolab present Cut the Rope for the Holiday, the addicted games I ever tried on my iPhone4 after Angry Bird.

Holiday Gift vs Lite Version
Of course, I got it free. See the comparison between the lite version and holiday version.

Lets see over the lite version before go for holiday gift version.

Lite Version
In lite version, there are two boxes which is the cardboard box and fabric box. Yes, you can get the lite version of cut the rope via iTunes for free here: lite version
1. Cardboard box. There are only 9 level in cardboard box.

2.Fabric box. There is also 9 level to be completed.

Holiday Gift Version

How about the holiday gift version? You can get it here for free : holiday gift

1. What is so special about the holiday gift version? you can get the 25 level for free with holiday theme. There are santa sock.
Full Version
Still addicted? Get the full version here:
full version.
So, what games you wanted to share with me?