Thursday, December 16, 2010

Like, Like, Like, I looike! I like Everything.

Semuanya nak like! Sejak ada like button kat facebook, youtube, yahoo answer dan lain-lain lagi, everybody wanted to click that button. Ada jugak yg boleh undo like by clicking the unlike button.

Semua nak like, ada ke yg dislike? Kalau kat facebook, you will only found like and unlike button. dislike tak de. however, kat youtube dan yahoo answer, ada dislike button.

It is the way we express our self on the comment, on new post or on the particular entry. Like button ni jugak berfungsi mcm recommended answer or most suggested comment.

Lets take a look the like button (red circle).

1. Yahoo Answer

2. Youtube

3. Widget Facebook

4. Blog
Ape pulak your views on this entry? anda like tak entry kali nih?


  1. of course I likes this entry..sbb button like ni memudahkan so tak payah taip I LOIKKEES!click aje..

  2. @noor haty: huhu! betol tu.. tapi tetap nak taip i loooike!