Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Astro on-the-go

Astro-on-the-go. Thats too many hypen [-] the dash symbol. Lol.!

Astro on the go is a new service where you can watch Astro anywhere, where there is an internet connectivity.

Its hassle free, without having the astro PVR nor astro beyond decoder & the satellite dish to carry around.

Since Adam & Hawa is currently the most favorite drama series @AstroMustika ch134, more people is not going to missed even single episode. Dont you? Or not?

What you need is to download the app.

Basically it support both platform. Download via iTunes for iPad / iPhone or Google Play

You need to have an ID & password. Please register via web before you can do it at your tablet or smartphone.

It is recommended to link between astro on the go with your astro account. [astro will guide you ]

So, lets get down to the business! After successfully login,

search for adam & hawa.

Select which episode you wish to watch. In this case, I want to watch Adam & Hawa Episod 47.

Few moment to wait.

The description of the series. Of course click watch.

Loading video for viewing.

Its ready!!

Adjust to horizontal view for viewing. You must be kidding me if you just watch it vertically. Right? Noob!

You can scroll along the time line to any scene you like.

Jagged or pixelated picture can occur when low speed in 3G / wifi network.

You can even resume your series when you pause the series.

You can also do it via web. Using your own laptop. Still using same login ID and password.

Its quite disappointing when my Android tablet cant download the app because it is not compatible. Hmm.

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