Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Deezer App

I just would like review such a great app. Deezer.

is a kind of Pandora. What?? Pandora? A women in Greek myth?? A character in a movie? Pandora Jewellery?

In U.S. Pandora kwon as Free internet radio. But, you cant get the app in Malaysia. Yup, please realize that.

Ok, why Deezer is a great app?

Deezer is available in Malaysia. You can download it, unlike Pandora, its not available here.

There you go! South East Asian Music. It will localize music to you.

You can also can listen to the music without connect to the internet after you download the music you like!!!! 20millon tracks!!

You can login via Facebook too! No need to have a lot of ID & Password for each app.

Plus, there is notification. Listen to Pitbull - Global Warming. (new album).

Listen it now!

What a wonderful app. All Pitbull - Global Warming album track is here. Download now!

BUT it is only FREE for 15 days. Mine already expired!

How it will cost you?

As today currency rates(14 Nov 2012)
Premium | Listen via computer only: USD2.99 or RM9.15 per month
Premium+ | Listen via computer & devices:
USD5.99 or RM18.35 per month

Why need to pay????? Because you can listen to it offline without worry.

It would be very expensive for Malaysian. If it is one time only payment, I might consider to buy the Premium+. If you are a music lover, should not have any problem with that. Don't you?

It is not wrong to try it 15days for free. Download via iTunes.
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  1. Hi there, I am from Deezer and I would like to get in touch with you. Could you provide me with a email address to contact you at?