Friday, November 30, 2012

Maxis Unlimited Mobile Data

Good day to all!
This is a news for Maxis postpaid subscribers with mobile internet plans.  Don't confuse with broadband.  That is in different story.

I received this msg from maxis.

Starting from 3rd December 2012, there will be no charges if you use more than your monthly internet quota. Please take note that this is only applicable for those having 1GB plans and above. Do you? or not? if not, 30 sen/mb still applicable to your bill.

Thanks God! You can avoid bill shocks. Yup.  But it is obviously your speeds will be throttled down. At what speed you can get? @Maxislistens still not answering my tweet.

To sustain your speed, you can buy additional data quota by dialing  *136*9#.

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